Jayme Williams

The Williams Family



Bachelor of Arts, Psychology California State University, Fullerton



Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Performance Enhancement _Specialist, NASM

Fitness Therapy, ISSA

Golf Conditioning Specialist, GMP

Golf Injury Specialist, GMP

CPR Certified, AHA


Jayme Williams

After much experience in personal training, I have found that the following components need to take place in order for someone to successfully reach their fitness goals.

The first key component is knowledge of one’s own body and knowledge of fitness. It is my belief as a trainer that my duty is not to instruct but to teach my clients.

The second key component is accountability. In forming this group I am hoping to develop a network of women so accountability not only comes from me but everyone.

The third key component is that the training has to be balanced. Doing only resistance training can be hard on the body and does not burn a maximum amount of calories. Cardio burns a lot of calories, but if it is all you are doing, the repetitive motion can lead to muscle loss and injury. Stretching is a great form of exercise, but if you rely on stretching alone you will probably find it hard to manage your weight.

The final key component is that the training schedule must be flexible and affordable. I’ve seen many people spend thousands of dollars on training and loose all progress because their schedule got a little crazy and they couldn’t find the time, or because they just ran out of money.

With this training program you are getting almost six hours of training, custom workouts tailored to exactly what you need, nutritional counseling if needed, fitness evaluations, educational materials and anything else I think will help your success.

With that said, I want to emphasize that optimum fitness is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle. The most important job for me is to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can be happy and health as you grow old. Fitness is something that you must work on each day, and I firmly believe that together we can get you where you want to be and keep you there!

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