Join the Get A Grip Club!

To join The Get A Grip Club, please print the following two documents and have them filled out prior to our first meeting. If you should have any quesitons about the document, please call Jayme Williams at (562) 236-7460 or email to

You will need the following equipment to start with: Yoga mat, set of dumbbells with a pair of 2#, 3# and 5# in a carrying case so you can bring them back and forth and a good pair of running shoes.

You can find yoga mats for around $12 at T.J. Maxx. I can supply you with a dumbbell kit if you need. They usually run around $30. If you want to buy one on your own you can find them at any leading sporting good store such as Sport Chalet, Big 5, or Sport Authority.

For running shoes, I highly recommend going to A Snails Pace and have a shoe properly fitted for your foot placement. It's worth spending the extra money when it comes to your shoes! I promise, it will save you many aches and pains down the road.


Link to Health Questionnaire
Link to Waiver Form


Please call to confirm your attendance prior to your first class. Sometimes the door to the building gets locked shut and if I am not expecting you, you may get locked out of the class. In the event that you get locked out, please send a text to (562) 236-7460 stating that you are waiting outside the door.

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